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Club Barcode
Dear Patron,

Barcode Realty Values every customer and welcome you to Club Barcode Realty, A Reference Reward Program, an exclusive initiative for all the members of Barcode Realty.

With Club Barcode Realty, Which reaches out to over 1800+ Members, Barcode Realty looks forward to providing its members with various exciting Gifts & Rewards. We warmly welcome you once again to the world of reference, joy & Happiness. You are part of our Barcode Realty Family and we wish to give you nothing but the best !

Member benefit

Levels Option 1
Ladder 1 Gold Coin
Ladder 2 40’’ LED T.V
Ladder 3 Gold Coin + Domestic Holiday for couple.
Ladder 4 L.E.D+ Home Theater System
Ladder 5 Gold Coin + International Holiday for couple
Ladder 6 Gold Coin + L.E.D + Bike


  • Under the referral program, individual customers, who have purchased one apartment in their own name in any project & have referred one or more customer to purchase a residential apartment in any project & are eligible to participate in the Customer Referral Reward program.
  • The existing customer who is providing the reference is termed as ‘Source customer’. The prospective customer is termed as ‘referred customer.
  • Source customer shall be entitled for rewards, after the referred customer has purchased an apartment in any project in Mumbai, India.
  • Source customer shall be entitled for rewards, after the referred customer has purchased an apartment in any project and mentioned their source customer’s details in application/ booking form at the time of purchase.
  • Note* source is eligible for rewards only after they have completed the payment and on realization of 20% of the total sale price.
  • Source is eligible for multiple Ladders only if doesn’t redeem the Eligibility ladder.
  • If the sources redeem the eligibility ladder, source will not be eligible for the next ladder in members benefit.
  • In case of multiple booking, an individual will be eligible for a reward only if the apartments are booked in different applicant names.
  • The customer shall redeem the reward after making payment & upon the realization of 20% of the total sale Price.
  • Delivery for the rewards will be done within 30 Days at individual’s address as available on the date of redemption, subject to address being in India.
  • Redemption rewards request once processed will not be changed & the customer will not be entitled to any refund or credit.
  • Corporate/Channel partners & employees of BARCODE REALTY & family Members of such employees are not eligible to participate in the referral program.
  • All rewards are subject to availability & supplier restrictions. In case the exact model/brand of merchandise mentioned in the rewards brochure is not available, Club Barcode Realty may provide alternate equivalent Brand/Model of the Product.
  • An individual can redeem the reward in the form of gift voucher or the reward itself, these gifts voucher can be redeemed from designated vendors only.
  • The gift voucher cannot be redeemed without proof of identity or other documents as required by the vendor.
  • The gift voucher must be surrendered during the time of purchase.
  • The gift voucher is non-transferable & an alleged misuse of the voucher is strictly prohibited.
  • The Gift voucher is not currency & is not redeemable for cash or other vouchers.
  • Rewards as redeemed as Two wheeler or Four Wheeler will require the following to be done by Member:
  • The member will have to personally visit the specified dealer showroom along with their proof of identity (Preferably photo identity) & authorization letter, which will be mailed by Barcode Realty.
  • The member will have to bear the cost of Registration, Insurance & RTO Formalities & accessories, if any, as well as petrol and oil charges as applicable.
  • Rewards cannot be clubbed, Upgraded and /or combined with any offer during the promotion.
  • Barcode Realty & Club Barcode Realty does not take any responsibility for any loss, damage, stolen gift voucher or injury suffered or caused to the voucher holder.
  • Barcode Realty & Club Barcode Realty will not be liable for a deficiency / defect In any Product, after acknowledgement of the reward.
  • The company holds all rights to extend revise and/or terminate the promotion without any intimation to the customer.


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